Everyone plays the trombone, right?

It cracks me up a little bit that Lily is growing up thinking that everyone plays trombone – since Joe and I both have one in the living room and play for her sometimes. (Yes, we do occasional command performances of “ABC” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”) Here’s a clip of her getting in on the act.

7 thoughts on “Everyone plays the trombone, right?

  1. Erik Kuszynski says:

    In most developed countries, having two parents that play trombone actually qualifies as child abuse.

  2. Clair says:

    I just have to tell you that I was playing this video from my laptop in the living room and Quiggly decided he needed to sing along. I wish I had a video of Quiggly with your video!

  3. Leah says:

    I nearly died of the cuteness while watching this. OH, Jenn, what a girl you have there!!

  4. Jeff Lawrence says:

    Adorable. I love the idea of having a trombone (or one of my guitars for that matter) out and available for anytime use, but I’ve managed to destroy every trombone that didn’t really matter, and am left with The One True Bone that I won’t my kids to touch even after I’m dead.

    BTW, I found you because I have a Google Alert set for “Michigan Marching Band” and your blog showed up a few days ago. How cool is that?!

    Say hi to Joe.

    • Jenn McKee says:

      Will do. Great to hear from you, Jeff!
      Neither of our bones are in pristine condition, of course, but they do the job. Lily’s managed to get a decent tone out on them a few times already. She’s got a good buzz for a two year old. 🙂

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