Toddler Lily-to-English dictionary

Some select terms, in no particular order:

AIR-pane = airplane

beeps = grapes

cuck = truck

GOH-jus = gorgeous (Joe’s nickname for me since before we dated)

dagg-ee or dock-ee = Daddy or doggie or duckie – we have to figure this one out from context, much of the time.

AN-mal TAK-kuhs = animal crackers

oh-NITZ = orange (a favorite)

pack-pack = backpack


Yi-yee = Lily

Mommy’s pooter = my computer/laptop

Here de doh = Here you go

samich = sandwich

sides = slides, as in, “I want to go down the sides!”

puck = park

muhk = milk

wawwet = wallet (she’s a bit obsessed with wallets, and removing everything from inside them)

PUH-ple = purple

yehyo = yellow

SING-o YAY-deez = single ladies (as in, Beyonce’s video for “All the Single Ladies,” another obsession)

wa-wa = water, obviously

go-fish = goldfish snack crackers

LIE-ba-bee = library

staw-be-be = strawberry

nana = banana

smoodie = smoothie

peez = please

BUH-dee = bird

doo-doo = thank you

bank-et = blanket

up is down = upside down (one of our favorites)

fip-fops = flip-flops

buffa-woe = buffalo

fwog = frog

(used to say “dy-poo” for diaper, but no longer :))

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