Notes for Neve

While in the hospital with you, I couldn’t wake you for your 3 a.m. feeding on the first night to save my life (to which I said, “I agree, kiddo. We could both use some rest after that harrowing delivery). And the nurses in the nursery were quite taken with you. One said, “She was a perfect little lady. I’ll take 10 of her any day,” while another reported that a fellow nurse thought you were just the cutest baby, and loved your name.

You were a sleepy, sweet, easily comforted newborn, for the most part. You didn’t go for the sling, like Lily did, and you mostly slept in a cushy, slanted “nap nanny” since you had a lot of snorty congestion.

You were 21 inches, 8 1/2 lbs. when born; 24 inches, 11 1/2 lbs. at 7 weeks; and 25 inches, 12 1/2 lbs. at 9 weeks/2 months. Astonishingly, at 2 months, you’ve hardly reacted to vaccinations. I used to dread and fear pediatrician appointments when shots were involved, because Lily screamed and cried piteously, but so far, you’ve fallen immediately asleep; had no response; or cried briefly before getting over it quickly. It feels already like you’re an old soul baby.

You started smiling when you were about 6 weeks old, and a few months later, you started laughing – but from the get-go, you’re a tough crowd, in terms of laughter. We really have to work at it. Except Lily. She can have you in stitches with just a little effort. You’re both nuts about each other, much to my (and your father’s) happiness.

And you started crawling when you were a little over 9 months old. Here’s me filming you at daycare, the day after you started. I adore this video – as you can tell by my squeals of encouragement and delight off-camera.

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