“Online action” update

For those who read and enjoyed my “(Not remotely) hot online action” post, there’s some news.

One of my girlfriends from college recently called to tell me that she’d just had a very similar experience, with the exact same guy, and she felt extraordinarily creeped out.

I’d been hoping that my (admittedly kind of hilarious) late night Facebook-chat-gone-awry was a drunken, one-time miscalculation by this guy, but apparently, that’s not the case.

But there’s more. While I was at a wedding reception this past weekend, I was approached by a GUY I’d been friends with in college who had his own late-night Facebook chat story to tell.

No, he wasn’t propositioned, but as he explained to me, our mutual friend “had begun by asking, ‘How liberal are you?'” And in a moment of sublime misunderstanding that hilariously mirrored my own exchange, the wedding guest said that he responded by asking, “‘You mean politically?'” Hee-hee!

Of course, that’s not what the guy was asking about. No, he instead proposed exchanging naughty photos of each other’s wives. So that’s a nice change of pace.

The bizarre thing about all of this is that the three of us find ourselves in a weird, icky little club now, thanks to the fact that I decided to write about it. Otherwise, we likely never would have brought the subject up with each other. (I’ve always intended to keep the person’s identity a secret, but the dude is outing himself by virtue of desperately hitting on everyone I know, so it’s out of my hands at this point.)

So beware of late-night Facebook chat, people; and three cheers for having company while being kind of grossed out and unnerved by someone you thought was a harmless, normal person. Huzzah!

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