Aw – the first fib! So adorable.

So this came up more quickly than I expected. We caught Lily, a 20 month old, in her first conscious fib today.

Lily has lately, when asked “Are you poopy?” provided an accurate response. (We were shocked to learn that she’s enthusiastically started trying to use the potty at daycare, though Joe and I were thinking this was a year or more away.)

She did this today, too, answering with a “yes.” But when we said, “Well, we should change your diaper, then,” she said, “No!” “But aren’t you poopy?”

She paused briefly, then said, “No.” Right, kid. You’re cute, but you’re not getting away with that lie.

She tried it again later in the day, and Joe said, “We are in trouble with this one. She’s already trying to pull a fast one on us.”

Indeed. And all that stuff about children being innocents? I’m beginning to wonder.

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