More field notes/blog bites

* At Lily’s two year appointment, last May, the pediatrician issued a warning to me. “Two year olds are notorious for trying to drink their way through meals, with juice or whatever, instead of eating their food. So watch out for that.”

I’ve been on the lookout, but only recently, as Lily’s third birthday came within our sights, has this become an issue. Because, at one point, Lily was having intensely painful bowel movements, she’s indefinitely been prescribed a daily powder that we mix into some juice each night. So we need to supply her with some juice at dinner.

And this wasn’t a problem for a while. But lately, she gulps the juice down to the point of panting, then asks for more. So we’re having to start saying “no,” after her initial cup, until she eats more of her dinner. Hopefully, this will solve the problem. Cross your fingers for us.

* Related to this, Lily has lately become a bit obsessed about drinking just about every beverage she consumes in a small whiskey glass – part of a set we received as a wedding gift. We had, at meals, moved from sippy cups to small juice glasses, but once, when all the juice glasses were in the dishwasher, I offhandedly pulled down one of these whiskey glasses as a substitute. And now she won’t drink from anything else. (This is particularly hilarious to watch when she’s got apple juice in one of the glasses. I’m always tempted to ask, “Nightcap?”)

But of course, it’s not as simple as pouring her a “shot” of milk or juice into one of these glasses. She insists that we initially put the beverage in a sippy cup, which she will pour, mad scientist-style, into the whiskey glass in increments before drinking. So this has become part of our nightly ritual. (That and me saying “Be careful, be careful, watch what you’re doing, please!” ad nauseam as she’s transferring her drink.) One more instance where the oft-repeated (in our house) statement “Food is to eat, no to play with,” seems to hold no water. To a kid who’s nearly three, everything, at all times, is something to play with. Continue reading