Just a quick note about feeling excited last weekend upon seeing Neve going to town in her Jumparoo.

What’s the big deal, you may ask? Previously, when I’d put her in the Jumparoo, she just kind of hung out, or swung from side to side. But seeing her actively bounce in it – that is, seeing her really start to PLAY – was one of the first tangible indications (witnessed by me, anyway) that she’s becoming a more sentient little person.

Yes, she smiled in response to things at about 6 weeks, and at 4 months, she started giggling occasionally. (Like her mother, she’s a tough crowd, comedy-wise – you really have to nail it to get a laugh.)

But this Jumparoo moment wasn’t her responding to something; it was her initiating something. And that was strangely, surprisingly moving to me – an initial preview of the playfulness to come.