Can’t buy me love?

Costco started stocking toys for Christmas (as well as Hanukkah, in our house) in about September, and though I only visit the store about once every six weeks or so, I’ve still found myself wandering through the aisles out of curiosity, just to see what they have.

And it’s weird. Though I’m not at all one of those super-capitalists who just can’t get enough stuff – far from it – I found myself suddenly tempted to go nuts and fill my cart with everything in the world that I think Lily might like.

I didn’t, of course. The cooler part of my head quickly prevailed. I looked at the prices, paused to imagine how much Lily would really, actually use or enjoy whatever it was, and in most cases, I left them all stacked right where they were.

But I find it interesting that the impulse to shower Lily with gifts lies so close to the surface, despite the careful, thoughtful deliberation I apply to every other choice that I make as a consumer. Continue reading