Yet another “online” update, Lily’s new trump card, and a new Sassy Gay Friend

Well, we now have four members in the “I’ve been inappropriately harassed by (X) via late-night Facebook chat” club.

Yet another man I went to college with contacted me – ironically, via FB chat – to tell me he had also recently had a weird exchange with said individual (I presume something like the naughty-wife-photo-exchange was suggested). My friend told me he de-friended the guy immediately because “it was just too weird,” and that he knew right away, when reading my blog, who I was speaking about. 

You mean I wasn’t this guy’s PRIMARY sex fantasy? Bummer. How personally shattering for me.

But all you other U-M grads of the early 90s, stay hopeful and be patient. He will get to you, I promise.

In other news, in one of those random moments of parenting improvisation, I showed Lily the video for Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” on my iPod while we were driving somewhere recently, since she was getting restless in her car seat. (At the time, you had to buy the video to get the song, so it’s one of two videos I own.) She was kind of fixated and watched it several times before we reached home.

Then, days later, she spots my iPod and says something I don’t initially recognize, than it hits me. “Did you say ‘Single Ladies’?” (It comes out of Lily’s mouth as, “sing-o YAdeez.) “Yeah.” “You want to see the single ladies dancing?” “Yeah.”

What can I tell you? She appears, at this point, to be in Kanye’s camp regarding her video tastes. And indeed, she’s requested to get a little Beyonce fix on my laptop a couple of mornings this week before heading to daycare.

I figure that I’ll try and get her hooked on Sassy Gay Friend next. (There’s a new one, by the way, fellow fans: Othello! Check it out below.)

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