Brief intermission: crazy gender nonsense

Lily needed a new pair of mittens, so this past weekend, Joe took her to the TJ Maxx near our house.

Joe told a Maxx employee what he was looking for and was led to a clearance bin (as usual, the clothing stores are liquidating the winter stuff in the midst of the season) in the girls’ section. 

According to Joe, the employee looked through the bin and said, “I don’t see any mittens in here. Guess you’re out of luck.”

Soon thereafter, Joe came across a clearance bin in the boys’ clothing area, and sure enough, there were mittens and hats in Lily’s size there. Joe and Lily picked out a set, bought it, and came home to share the story with me.

Seriously? Unless the hats and gloves in the boys’ bin have some penis-hook-up attachment that is integral to the whole enterprise, this baffles me. Lily doesn’t need every article of clothing to be pink and have some kind of fairy on it.

In fact, I’d really rather prefer it if they didn’t. So could we all just get over this?

One thought on “Brief intermission: crazy gender nonsense

  1. Sandra says:

    Big sigh! I agree completely. Do we really need toddler girl and toddler boy sections?

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